The General Skilled Migration program

The Skilled Nominated subclass 190 visa is a permanent visa designed for skilled migrants who have been nominated by a State or Territory government agency.

What are the requirements? 

In addition to being nominated by a State or Territory, a subclass 190 visa applicant must be under 50 years old and requires to have scored at least 60 points in the General Skilled Migration points test.

Visa applicants for this subclass must also have nominated an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List, must have had their skills for that occupation assessed by a the relevant skills assessment body and must have at least 'competent' English language skills (i.e. a score of at least 6 in each of the four categories of an IELTS test).

How can I apply?

The process works in the same way as for subclass 189 visa applications, in that applicants must first submit an 'Expression of Interest' ('EOI') via the SkillSelect program and be invited by the Minister to apply for the visa. If invited to apply an applicant has 60 days to lodge the visa application.

It is important that the points claimed by an applicant in the EOI are able to be corroborated by supporting evidence at the time of submitting the visa application. It is a criterion for the grant of the subclass 190 visa, that the applicants points score is not less than the score stated in the invitation to apply, a score which is taken from the information in the applicants original EOI.

Invitations to apply for a subclass 190 visa are ranked on the basis of the information contained in the EOI. If an applicant's claimed points score is less than the actual assessed score as part of the visa application, then the visa will not be granted.     

State and Territory nomination

Once an applicant submits an EOI, State and Territory Governments are able to view it and decide whether they want to offer nomination to the applicant. Generally speaking, if a State of Territory Government nominates an applicant, the application is processed as a high priority by the Department of Immigration.

Please do note that each State and Territory Government has different nomination criteria which are often at a higher threshold than the criteria required for the visa grant. In addition State and Territory Governments expect nominated applicants to make a commitment to live and work in the State or Territory which has offered nomination for a specific period of time.