Fiance visa

This visa is also commonly known as a fiance visa and is for people who want to travel to Australia to marry their Australian citizen, permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand spouse.

The subclass 300 visa is a temporary visa and is valid for 9 months from the date it is granted. Applicants must be outside of Australia when the visa application is lodged and also when the visa is granted.

What are the requirements for the grant of a subclass 300 visa? 

An applicant for a subclass 300 visa must be sponsored by their prospective spouse and both parties to the relationship must be of opposite sexes and have met and be known to each other. 

The visa application must include proof of the intention to marry within 9 months of the visa being granted. If the marriage is to take place in Australia then a Notice of Intended Marriage requires to be lodged. If the marriage is to take place outside of Australia then supporting documentation from the person who will perform the ceremony must be lodged.

Both the applicant and the sponsor must be at least 18 years old.

Sponsorship limitations

If you have previously sponsored someone for a partner or prospective marriage visa or were previously sponsored yourself for any of these visa the you may be subject to a sponsorship limitation and legal advice should be obtained before the visa application is lodged. There may be an exception to the limitation if there are 'compelling and compassionate circumstances'

Woman at Risk and Contributory Parent visa holders may also be subject to sponsorship limitations and should seek legal advice before the visa application is lodged.