Expert advice and assistance

We understand that the visa process can appear complicated to staff who have had limited exposure to it. We also understand that staff can become stressed about how long it will take for a visa to be granted.

Employer Nomination Scheme

We provide straightforward and comprehensive explanations about procedures and timescales at the very beginning of the process, so that everyone involved understands every stage of the process at the earliest possible opportunity. We're here to offer specialist support to your HR team and employees from the start of the process to the end and even after the visa is granted. 

Whether it's assistance with becoming an approved sponsor, obtaining a 482 visa, sponsorship compliance or Employer Nomination Scheme applications, we can provide you with the advice and support your business needs to move forward. For more information or to have a chat about the services we can provide call or email our corporate services team today.

Find out about the 482 visa program

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Find out about your obligations as an approved sponsor

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